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Martin Cole

Trading Indicators - The Best of the Best

When selecting trading indicators, it's crucial to choose tools that align with your trading strategy and provide meaningful insights into market behaviour. One indicator that has gained attention among traders is the PAT (Professional Activity Tracker) indicator developed by Martin Cole.

Is the PAT Indicator for TradingView the best of the best?

The PAT indicator is designed to help traders identify potential entry and exit points based on price action principles.

It aims to highlight key market structures and patterns that can signal trading opportunities.

Some key features of the PAT indicator include:

  • Identification of second entries: The indicator marks potential second-entry trades, which are a core concept in professional Activity Trading.
  • Trap detection highlights potential trap setups, helping traders avoid false breakouts.
  • Support and resistance levels: The PAT indicator can display important support and resistance levels from higher timeframes.
  • Real-time analysis: It provides real-time identification of price action patterns as they form
  • Customisable settings: Traders can adjust various parameters to suit their specific trading style and preferences.

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