Martin Cole

Professional Trader Since The 1990s

Martin Cole

I have been successfully trading financial markets for almost twenty years. Even as far back as 1999 I was featured in FOW (Futures and Options World) Magazine.

Of course being featured in a magazine is not that important, but what was reported certainly was.

So way back in 1990I had discovered a way to predict market moves ‘better than eight times out of ten’.

Yes, that is what the hedge fund researcher reported and published in the magazine and believe me things have moved on a lot from those early years.

A little about my method

Martin Cole's Market Makers Method is unique in its focus on understanding and exploiting the strategies employed by market makers - the large institutions responsible for facilitating trading and maintaining liquidity in financial markets. Here are the key aspects that differentiate his approach:

1) Contrarian Perspective: Martin's method is based on the premise that market makers actively manipulate prices to their advantage by strategically placing orders and creating false breakouts.

This contrarian view goes against the efficient market hypothesis which states that prices reflect all available information[1][2][3].

2) Identifying Market Maker Footprints: A core part of Martin's strategy involves recognizing specific price patterns and order flow signatures that he claims reveal the actions and intentions of market makers.

He teaches techniques to spot these "footprints" across different markets and timeframes[2][3][4].

3) Trading Against Market Makers: Rather than following the herd, Martin advocates taking counterintuitive positions against perceived market maker manipulation.

His method aims to anticipate and capitalize on the eventual price reversals caused when market makers cover their positions[1][2][3].

4) Proprietary Indicators: Martin has developed custom indicators and software tools designed to identify the purported market maker footprints and pinpoint optimal entry/exit points based on his trading rules[3][5].

Martin's unique selling proposition revolves around giving retail traders an insider's perspective into the alleged tactics of major market participants. By framing market makers as adversaries to be out-traded, his approach stands apart from more conventional technical or fundamental analysis strategies[1][2][3][4].






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