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Live Trading PAT Indicator

This is live trading with the PAT indicator. Watch how to make consistently successful trades and transform your trading.
Live Trading PAT Indicator
Live Trading PAT indicator - Martin Cole

Trading live with the PAT indicator for TradingView

How to 'consistently' tap into successful trades.

Watch video below and follow along.

The four simple stages of this and EVERY trade you take with the PAT indicator for TradingView.

  1. Wait for pressure point indicator (White Triangle)
  2. Confirm trend (red or green dots )
  3. Trade 'with' the pressure point if aligns with (red/green dots)
  4. Look for WHALES to enter (Yellow block)
  5. Place your trade

This is simple... It took a decade of experience doing this manually to succeed. Now, this experience is yours in the PAT indicator for TradingView for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

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