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Fear of Success

Fear has a remarkable ability to hold us back, to keep us tethered to the comfort of the known present rather than venturing into the uncertain realms of the future. 
Fear of Success
Fear of success - Why does it take so long to succeed at trading

Why does it take so long to succeed at trading?

Understanding the Fear of Success: Embracing the Unformed Future

In pursuing success, we often encounter a formidable obstacle:


Fear has a remarkable ability to hold us back, to keep us tethered to the comfort of the known present rather than venturing into the uncertain realms of the future. 

A recently recorded poignant video (above) revealed that success can be delayed not by a lack of effort or talent, but by the fear of transitioning from the familiar present to an as-yet-unformed future self and circumstance.

The root of your fear

The essence of this fear lies in the inherent discomfort of change. Humans are creatures of habit, finding solace in routines and familiarity. The thought of stepping into the unknown triggers a primal response rooted in our evolutionary history. This survival instinct urges us to remain within the safety of what we know. Yet, our most significant opportunities for growth and success reside in the unknown realm.

The video underscores the psychological barrier that exists between our present reality and the potential future we envision for ourselves. It highlights how the fear of departing from the known.  This can prevent us from taking the necessary steps to achieve our goals and aspirations. If you are starting a new business venture, pursuing a creative passion, or embarking on a personal transformation, the fear of the unknown can cast a long shadow over our ambitions.

At the heart of this fear is the uncertainty that accompanies change. When we contemplate the journey towards success, we are confronted with many unanswered questions: What if we fail? What if we need to be better? What if our efforts yield disappointment instead of triumph? These doubts and uncertainties can loom, casting doubt on our ability to navigate the uncharted waters of our aspirations.

Is there a paradox?

Moreover, the fear of success itself can be paradoxical. On the surface, success is synonymous with achievement, fulfilment, and recognition. Yet, beneath the surface, success represents a profound shift in identity and circumstances. It requires us to embrace new roles, responsibilities, and expectations—territory that may feel unfamiliar and unsettling.

However, it is precisely in confronting our fears that we uncover the path to true success. Confronting fear allows us to reframe our perspective. Instead of viewing fear as an adversary to be conquered, we can perceive it as a companion on our journey—a sign that we are venturing beyond our comfort zone into the realm of possibility.

Embrace the future

Embracing the unformed future requires a willingness to relinquish the illusion of control—to accept that uncertainty is not a barrier but a catalyst for growth. It involves cultivating resilience in the face of setbacks, perseverance amid challenges, and faith in our ability to adapt and evolve.

Moreover, it entails fostering a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity—a belief that success is not a finite resource reserved for the chosen few but a boundless ocean of opportunity awaiting those who dare to venture forth.

Setback and opportunity

Ultimately, the journey towards success is more than just a solitary one. It is a collective odyssey marked by moments of triumph and tribulation, courage and vulnerability. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit—the innate capacity to transcend our limitations and realize our fullest potential.

As we navigate life's ever-shifting currents, let us embrace the fear of the unknown as a guiding star illuminating the path towards our dreams. Only by stepping into the uncharted territory of the future can we discover the infinite possibilities that await us.

Your future awaits you

So...dare to dream, aspire, and rise beyond the confines of your comfort zone. For when we take that leap forward in to uncertainty, we forge the keys to unlock the doors of our destiny. We give ourselves undeniable opportunity.

Start a new journey, chart a new course that transcends the boundaries of the known towards the boundless horizons of our potential.

Martin Cole - Professional Trader Since 1990s

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