Nightmare Traders Story

Martin Cole

Nightmare Traders Story

If Jon's trading nightmare had been known by his wife one can only imagine the fallout.

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Jon's story is likely to impact you...

My Name is Martin Cole … I wasn't always a successful trader. In fact, I was a miserable failure.

That was until I discovered what had gotten Jon into this terrible situation in the first place.

So, how important was this discovery?

Well, you can be the judge in a few moments, but I can tell you that I was featured in a leading trading magazine and a national UK newspaper not long after. What was I doing to cause that publicity?

I'm going to share that with you in this video.

Soon after publication, people came knocking. They wanted me to train them how to make money in financial markets.

I thought that would be cool, so I started holding trading courses in live markets with real money on the line.

It was during one of these courses when the nightmare story came out.

During break time, without warning, one of the attendees confessed to the room that he had lost £80,000, which is about $110,000. Pretty horrific, right?

However, what he said next was a real shocker!

"My wife doesn't know, and it was everything in our retirement fund."

You could have heard a pin drop in the room.

After the shock passed, the other attendees, out of compassion, started suggesting what Jon could do.

"You have to tell your wife."

"You better plan for a divorce."

"Your kids are going to hate you."

It was a terrible situation, and I found it quite upsetting. I imagined him telling his wife, but I suddenly realised I wasn't 100% in the room. What I mean by that is that whilst my live training was the absolute best, and everyone was delighted with their outcomes, I had become a bit machine-like in its delivery. I am embarrassed to admit that I was… let us say… a little over-focused on the training fees adding to my wealth.

After several more suggestions were made for Jon, I realised I had to do something. I dropped a pad on the table to grab attention.

"No," I said. "Nothing like that is going to happen. What will happen is you will tell your wife that you have doubled your retirement fund."

It was right there on that day that I knew I had to commit 100% to helping Jon, everyone in the room, and everyone I would meet in the future.

There could be no half-hearted effort. I had to be 100% committed.

I had to do everything to make sure that Jons's retirement fund was restored. Anything less on my part would make me no better than the slippery individuals who had relieved me of many $1,000s in so-called training fees.

Now, stick around with me here because you need to know what happened to Jon

His story had a bizarre twist, and things didn't work out as Jon or I expected.

Holding these live trading courses certainly pumped up the adrenalin. This played a large part in discovering a higher understanding of market movement at an individual trader level.

At first, I couldn't believe this was true, so I tested it live on everyone in the room; it worked on every attendee every time.

Once you learn about this, you will, like me, realise this solves a huge problem for all traders.

This problem is serious because it causes traders to enter the market right where they are most vulnerable, get stopped out, and then see their trades go in the direction they initially anticipated.

Worse still, even though they see the market moving in line with their original trading decision, they cannot re-enter the market out of fear.

This problem keeps traders staring at their screens, unable to act on what would be highly profitable trades

The solution to this problem also provided the means to develop a powerful way to teach this to other traders, whether they were sitting with me or not.

It was incredible. I was now able to help any trader regardless of experience. I started doing just that online. The feedback has been amazing. It made me even more committed to delivering on the promise.

When Jon confessed to those huge losses. It was the trigger that brought everything together. The truth about successful trading was fully realised.

The problem we face as traders differs from what we think it is

  • We have been lied to.
  • We have been deceived.
  • We have been misled.
  • We have been used as pawns.

This lie that you and I have been sold is actually quite sinister

This very dark side of trading takes billions of dollars out of traders' pockets and causes severe stress and mental harm to others.

The most potent and destructive force contained in this lie is its power to transfer to other traders. Traders are so deceived by the lie that they unknowingly promote it to other traders in everyday conversation.

This lie is pivotal to the well-documented fact that 95% of traders lose money and end up quitting the business. That's just how important this is.

Like all good lies, this one contains an element of truth

The current lie you are likely trading started as truth in Japan sometime in the 18th century. Back then, rice traders developed a way to work with genuine supply and demand. They manually drew rice charts that resembled candles. These charts represented the truth. That truth was the genuine supply and demand regarding rice.

On arrival into the West, the truth transitioned into a lie. The lie became an unstoppable force because of the human trait of pattern association.

The human mind can't resist pattern creation and recognition

Now, in everyday life, patterns are a good thing. They are how we make sense of our world. Without the pattern association program in our minds, we would soon be reduced to gibbering wrecks unable to open a door.

To better understand how powerful this is, look at this…

You are not conscious of what your mind is doing right now; it just happens.

This is the main reason why 95% of traders fail

The moment you saw this slide, your brain said the image on the left is a white triangle despite the fact it's actually three small black circles with sections removed.

Look at this next one

Your brain says this is a panda, yet it's a series of different shapes that your mind unconsciously assembles into a recognisable pattern.

The irony is that failing as a trader is not your fault. You are not to blame. It's how your pattern-seeking brain functions.

However, there is also a sinister side to this

Your very human trait of pattern creation is being exploited by a select group of people as you try to trade financial markets.

Trading has become an ocean of technical analysis, charts, timeframes, and indicators, which all add to the deception. This deception culminates in the market makers' manipulation of pattern-seeking minds. They do this to run THEIR business.

I'll repeat that. It's important... THEIR BUSINESS

Most traders are just unknown victims of a system that is organised to extract money from them over time.

You can win occasionally to keep yourself in the system, just like when you are playing slots in Las Vegas. You get the dopamine hit, and then you go with another coin and place another trade. All the while, just like the slots, the trading odds are manipulated and not in your favour.

You are led into placing more trades using the tools and techniques freely provided. Like the free drinks you get in Vegas while feeding the casino.

You have been sucked into this lie with free charting software, free accounts and free training.

Have you ever stopped to consider that here in a five billion dollar-a-day business, everything needed for you to extract money is provided for free!

The good news is that once you see the lie about successfully trading and examining the truth, your mind starts to open. You become less susceptible to being used and a pawn by the market makers. You begin to see the lie of the white triangle and the truth of the three black circles.

This opens up an incredible opportunity that I will reveal in a moment

OK, now that you know the truth about how you are manipulated by the market makers using candle patterns and your pattern-seeking mind, you are, to a great part, starting to get ahead of the game here.

Let me give you a three-step tip you can use right away

Step 1: The next time you look at a market chart, become acutely aware of your thinking and what you see. Have a notepad handy and write your thoughts down.

Under that, write the question. What is making me think this way?

By the way, there are other things you can do in addition to these three, and I will get to those in a moment.

Step 2 Look again at your chart and notice how your mind is drawn to specific points on the chart. These points will be your pattern triggers. These triggers will then form a pattern of an expected outcome in your mind.

On your notepad, answer the question. Why am I drawn to these trigger points?

Step 3 Is to read your notes from steps 2 and 3. Remain acutely aware of your mind processing this information, and you will gain insight into the most powerful trading indicator on the planet, which I will now demonstrate to you.

When thinking about the future, it's important to understand that you, as a trader, will only place a trade once you have created an image, a BELIEF about the future.

An imagined future where the market has moved in the direction favourable to your desired outcome.

Now, think about this process as a whole...

The chart on your trading screen creates a BELIEF that you can predict the future and profit from that information. That's it!

This automatic human decision process is triggered by a pattern on a computer screen to help you place trades that benefit the market makers.

Like the slots, you are allowed to win from time to time to keep you playing and trading.

By the way…. remember I said there are other things you can do. You will find all those and more in my professional trader training course. This is the original and absolute best trader training there is. (It's 100% Free)

This training is the key to trading successfully. It's a complete solution for traders, even beginners, because I explain everything at a basic level, so it's easily understood and acted on.

This training is for those who want to leave behind the lie of patterns. It's for traders who want a method of producing reliable profits.

  • It's for those who want a method that dissolves confusion, indecision and fear.
  • This will work for you even if you have experienced failure or developed a confused state of whether you can succeed or not.
  • No matter what you have done in the past or what you have learned, you can and will be able to make your trading successful.

Now let me tell you what this isn't…

If you are looking for a magic pill that allows you to fill your bank account while you are asleep, this is not for you.

If you are looking for a magic chart pattern that again automatically makes millions, this is not for you. In fact, if you're looking for a magical solution, you should leave.


If you're looking for a genuine solution to ensure your future success as a trader, then you're in the right place.

When I started on this journey, I looked at the old-timers. I looked at how the great traders of the past made their millions. I looked at what made them successful. I discovered there was one thing that none of them had and one thing they all had.

None of them had computers and candle patterns; they did have the Ticker tape.

The ticker tape revealed a truth that they understood. That constant stream of ticking prices revealed the BUSINESS MODEL of the market makers.

Those who detected the manipulation went on to make their millions. These were great traders who were recorded in history for their incredible wealth.

This is the knowledge and skill you get with my professional training.

If this is a solution for you, stick around. If it doesn't, then this is not for you.

My training is not a magic pill that you swallow and wake up the following day with a stack of cash under your bed. You and I would love that!

But what it is - is the next best thing.

The reason why it's the next best thing is because I have poured 20-plus years of experience into this for you. I have made this as easy as possible. It is easy to understand. You will know what to do, when to do it, and how to achieve success.

Would you agree that's what anyone should aim for? That is to make something as easy as possible.

If you want to gain these skills to use this advantage, look at what others say about it. (see images in the video at the top of this page)

What you will get working with me

• A method that you can quickly prove to yourself is the real deal

• A method that you can rely on

• A method that doesn't require more purchases

• A solution that will allow you to take possession of your desired future.

• Access to me personally.

Best of all, it has me on your side as your backup. All those years ago, I made that commitment to Jon. Today, I am making the same commitment to you.

All those years ago, a seat cost roughly $10,000 in my live training rooms. Remember JON and his £80,000 problem? Well, he paid that $10,000. I'll tell you the twist to Jon's story in a moment.

The reality is that few people can pay $10,000, even though that price is outstanding value, to sit with me for a live training experience.

However, I have solved that problem. I have created something better. This is the answer to removing fear, indecision and failure. To provide success that you and your family can build a future on.

And I mention family there because, as far as I am concerned, success is not all about us as individuals. It's every bit as important to the loved ones around us.

Before you consider working with me today, I want to mention the cost of Inaction, of doing nothing and just trying to do this on your own.

This Inaction has likely or will cost you a substantial pile of money and a lot of pain and frustration.

The cost of Inaction, the cost of doing nothing, is WAY more than I could ever ask for what I can offer you today.

Today, you can get all my training as if you were right with me in the trading room for a special one-off price of 100% FREE!

What happened to Jon?

And Jon, by the way, that twist. Well, it was a strange thing. About nine months after his course, I got a call from him.

He said, "I just wanted to let you know that I am quitting trading" Before I could get another word out, he said

"It's OK. Everything worked out great. Last week, I topped out at just under $100,000. I got all our retirement money back with some interest and even paid for your course."

As he was chuckling, I asked.

"Why quit now?"

He paused for a moment and then said.

"It's just not for me. Honestly, I don't get any joy from trading. Once I got my money back, I lost interest. Maybe I'll pick it up later on."

We finished our call, which was the last I heard from Jon.

He got his $100,000 and that was it. It was an ending that I certainly didn't expect. I would have loved it to have been at least $200,000 for him and his wife.

You may have a goal like Jon for a certain amount of money, or you want an ongoing career as a trader and keep the money open-ended. What I'm saying here is that success means different things to different people.

From time to time, we all come to a crossroads in our lives. Do we turn left, or do we turn right? We only ever know how things work after we take action. In a moment, I am going to predict your future.

Here is what is going to happen a week from now…

  • You will have had a chance to review most of the training.
  • You will now be looking at the market in a very different light.
  • You now see clarity, whereas before, you saw confusion.
  • You can now look back and remember how that first training video was the turning point that led to your great feelings about your future.
  • Now go with me two weeks into the future. It's only been two weeks, and your confidence in your ability to make a success of your trading is already hitting high notes.
  • We are now four weeks in. You are now able to place trades in a calm, relaxed manner. You have a complete trading method that you are 100% comfortable with.

OK, we are now at the end or the beginning. We are at our crossroads.

One path could lead to a story like Jon's but..with an ending where he got nothing back and had to tell his wife.

The other path is a wise choice.

I have worked all this out for you

You will have 20+ years of experience at your fingertips

You have me to help and guide you.

I have done all the heavy lifting.

I want to give you that massive advantage today.

Trading has been my life's work until now, and I am offering you this training for free. Here is the link 100% Free Market Maker Method Training Course

All the very best from my family to yours


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