Fear of Failure

Fear of Success

Martin Cole

Fear of Failure Holding You Back OR Fear of Success?

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Are You Risking Your Dreams by Playing It Too Safe?

Back in our hunter-gatherer days, we had places that provided some protection from being torn apart by wild animals. Sometimes, of course, we had to leave, for we became the hunters ourselves.

Our cave, our safe haven, allowed us to drop our guard slightly, relax a little, and maybe even tear off our animal-skin clothing and embrace a loved one.

Today, we are hard-wired to move away from 'perceived' danger and towards comfort and security. It's natural that we would be drawn to anything that offered perceived safety and security.

Perception is a key word here…

Today, that desire for safety and security is still hard-wired in us to varying degrees. Of course, today, we are not faced with wild animal danger. Still, because of how we might perceive a situation, the instinct of danger and potential fear of a situation can suddenly spring on us in ways that force us to run for cover mentally.

This is how many fall victim to a less-than-desired lifestyle and sometimes become stuck in a rut for their entire lives.

You have probably met or know someone who can be a human dynamo. Full of energy and optimism. Maybe you meet them each day in the bathroom mirror. You talk to them for a while; they have great ideas, ooze inspiration, and you become fired up and motivated to do this!

The spark of desire to change your life is crackling; it's building more and more heat. The flames are rising, and the future is yours.

And then….

In comes an icy blast that turns your rising flames of desire into scattered ash. You know this icy blast; it has extinguished many of your desires for a better future. Each time, the warmth of the dream is extinguished by the blast of imagined risk if you leave the safe haven of where you are now.

Conformity can be extremely comforting for a while.

"Better the devil, you know…"

"Don't put your neck on the chopping block.”

"You're not cut out for success.”

"You will win the lottery next week.”

These thoughts are fair-weather friends when, in reality, they keep you harnessed to the cart, trapped in a life of mediocrity.

How are thoughts such as these affecting you?

Are they keeping you rooted to where you are in life?

Are they continually telling you that if you wait a little longer, things will get better with that promotion, that few dollars an-hour raise?

Deep down, you know these thoughts’ destructive power on your life.

How long are you going to play the fiddle while Rome burns as your very 'lifetime' is withered away to nothingness?

There can only be one solution. It's not willpower; how many times has that failed you? It cannot be grit and determination; how many times has that left you exhausted and then the next day needing to rest?

The monster outside your cave

Nothing is going to work until you deal with the imaginary monster waiting outside your cave of conformity. This place is one that your mind has perceived as a safe haven. This false security only hastens your life along as you weaken and grow older.

If you do not become vigilant, if you do not face the imaginary threat, then one thing is for sure…

You WILL observe your life wither away, leaving you facing a retirement into poverty.

Changing your life

Overestimating the risk when evaluating new ventures can be a major obstacle to achieving financial freedom and pursuing your dreams.

Today, we have been exploring what might be holding you back from creating a future of freedom. Whether that is mental, financial, or a mixture of both is up to you.

It's time to revisit our starting question…

Are You Risking Your Dreams by Playing It Too Safe?

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