The Blueprint for Your Bright Trading Future

The Blueprint for Your Bright Trading Future
Trading Blueprint

Confusion is strange. Clarity is warm and comforting. 

The question is... 

Are you willing to welcome a little confusion if, as a result, your life starts to move in a new direction?

I mean, if this blueprint gave you a clear path to a bright future for yourself and your family, would you give it a shot?

A trading blueprint is indeed a valuable document. It's a blueprint for creating a bright, secure future for yourself and your family. It is, in fact, priceless!

Way back in 1990, I was bankrupt and homeless with a wife and two young children to protect. I can tell you from personal experience that money was indeed EVERYTHING.

Right then, I decided to find a way, in any way I could, to create a bright, wealthy future for myself and my loved ones.

Nine years later, a leading publication in the trading industry (Futures and Options World Magazine) tracked me down for my story. 

At that time, I was semi-retired, living on the Sunshine Coast in Spain. They went on to publish a four-page spread on how successful I had been.

Not bad for someone who just a few years earlier had been bankrupt and homeless.

I tell you this because the industry that I am in is non-competitive. Your being in this industry will have zero effect on my earning capacity as I would have on yours.

So, what is this blueprint? What effect can it have on your life?

I knew nothing about this industry; it was a completely different world. I grew up on a small farm. I had minimal academic schooling. At age 16, I was milking cows to earn my crust. I only tell you this, so you understand I have no special skills or talent.

Well...maybe one...

My father used to say to all of us six children that most people have ways that are similar to animals. He was never derogatory about this but did explain that people often had the same view of the world as sheep. 

It is well-known that if you hold a rope in front of a flock of sheep to hold them back and then drop that rope to let them pass, they will jump over the imaginary rope. More interesting is that the sheep following who have never seen the rope will also make the jump at the same place.

These sheep have taken their instructions to jump from the sheep jumping in front of them. These sheep believe that there is something to jump over.  

What has this got to do with you?

In this industry, the one I have the blueprint for works differently than people are told it does. Many in the industry rarely succeed, and those who succeed often create great wealth for themselves.

The blueprint is not to build something. The blueprint is step-by-step simple training in a method you can observe for yourself before entering the industry. This easy-to-follow training will allow you to pull up any stock market chart or currency trading screen and observe what you learned from the blueprint.

The effect on you will be profound because even if you know very little about financial markets, you will understand that the opportunity to change your life is before you—a chance to create a very bright future for yourself and your family.

This blueprint means you can enter this business with one foot on the accelerator pedal. It took me nearly five years to learn how to succeed at trading. Why so long?

Because I had to learn EVERYTHING from scratch, I had no mentor, guidance, or knowledge. And back in those early years, the internet was still only living in a few people's dreams. 

Today, you have free and instant access to charts, and I used to have to pay thousands for access.

Today, if you can use a mouse and click a button, you can place a trade. There has never been a better time to get into this business. 

There has never been a better time to start creating a bright future for yourself and your family. And, as I said earlier, no person is competing against you.

Your trading will not affect me, and my trading will not affect you.  

All you have to do is study the blueprint, prove to yourself that it works with the reliability of a fine Swiss watch, and then hit the go button.

That go button is waiting for you, like it is for anyone prepared to put in a few hours to change their lives. Knowledge is power, we know, but knowledge can also be applied to create wealth. The trading blueprint is this opportunity.

The surest way to live the life you are right now in five years is to continue to do the same things you are doing now. 

To create that new life, that bright future, is to change what you are doing now and then watch the effect of those changes, as small as they may be, ripple outwards into a new future that awaits you.

It's always been our call to change, evolve and create the life we want to live. If we are honest with ourselves, we have always known this.

Today is the day to take action. Why? Because there is never a better time to start than now. Tomorrow never makes a final arrival. Today, right now, does, and that is all the time we have.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Martin Cole - Professional Trader Since 1990s